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Reflections on Mark Fransdal

Mark W. Fransdal

The few thoughts and words expressed here cannot describe the many attributes and talents of Mark Fransdal, whose tragic, sudden and unexpected death on December 28, 2021, shocked and saddened all of us who knew and loved him.

Anyone even marginally acquainted with Mark knew that he was an excellent trial lawyer. His understated, quiet, yet piercing style served him very well with clients, judges and juries.

Yet, all of that seems much less important at this time of loss. Of much greater significance are remembrances and reflections about Mark, the person.

Mark was an optimist. He saw good in everyone when sometimes goodness was difficult to find. Mark was a dedicated family man. He adored his wife Nancy and their children Sam and Carolyn, and honored them with his love and devotion.

Mark asked the right questions at the right times. Whether in a courtroom, a partners' meeting or just in casual conversation, Mark always understood what was important, and asked questions that caused others to focus on the salient issue.

Mark was a mentor. He always had time to assist the younger lawyers in the firm, often allowing them to participate in his successful litigation practice.

Mark was generous by sharing credit with other lawyers of the firm and giving his time to assist partners and associates when his plate was more than full. He always thought of others and followed up those thoughts with positive action.

Finally, and perhaps most important to Mark was his Christian faith. He and Nancy have been supporting pillars of their church, always giving their time, talent and resources to further its ministry and outreach. Mark demonstrated this faith by the way he lived his life. It should be no surprise that when Mark crossed the river of death and approached the light, he was met with the greeting, "Well done most good and faithful servant."

With love and affection from the lawyers and staff of our firm.

We miss you, Mark.

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