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Labor and Employment Law

Labor and Employment Law includes advising employers and employees regarding their relative rights and responsibilities under the law as well as handling employment related litigation in a cost-effective manner. Our attorneys advise clients in all areas including disability, discrimination, drug testing policies, employee benefits and ERISA, family medical leave, labor relations, covenants not to compete and other employment contracts, unemployment insurance and wage-related claims. Our objective is to avoid costly litigation wherever possible, including the preparation, maintenance and evaluation of employee handbooks. Where litigation cannot be avoided, our attorneys are prepared to handle employment litigation in both state and federal courts involving matters including sexual harassment, discrimination and wrongful termination matters for both employers and employees. Redfern, Mason, Larsen & Moore, P.L.C. can provide comprehensive services from initial planning and advice through any litigation which becomes necessary.

The law firm will conduct an investigation of your claim at no cost to you and provide you with an assessment of the merits of the claim and potential value of your legal claim. In the event that you wish to pursue a claim, the firm in many cases will make available a contingent fee compensation agreement which means that attorneys fees are payable only in the event of a monetary recovery, based on a percentage of that recovery.

Attorneys at Redfern, Mason, Larsen & Moore, P.L.C. are willing to discuss any potential employment related claim with you at any time.

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